My desk offers a still life. I imagine it as a montage that Braque might paint, or maybe Picasso in one of his more sensitive periods. Every object is significant if it's read within its full context. There is no meaning without context. The ornamentation of my desk pulls me back to consider how I came to this point in my life, to this point in my art. Let me draw you a picture.
- excerpt from 'Rappings' in NAMING THE SHADOWS
  Stories by Sharon Berg (The Porcupine's Quill, 2019)

I invite you to visit my world.


I was born in Ontario, Canada, but I moved to the east coast of Newfoundland in December 2020. I now live in a tiny community of about 205 people in the middle of Terra Nova National Park. My daily views are spectacular and ever-changing, as I perch on a hill overlooking Clode Sound (Bonavista Bay). And yes, I do invite you to visit my Writer's Retreat (see the page for my Oceanview Writers Retreat.) I have the perfect writing environment.

Get To Know Me


I am the Poetry Reviews Editor for Artisanal Writer, a task that I love. I write poetry, fiction, and nonfiction as well as book reviews and an occasional article. I spent the years between January 2006 and December 2019 running Big Pond Rumours, an international literary E-Zine. There were contests in each issue (with independent judges) and the top three winners of the contest had a chapbook published by Big Pond Rumours Press. It was a hard but good decision for me to retire that E-Zine in 2019. Since then I have published four full books and, so far, I'm trying to find a home for my novel, Tell That To Picasso, and a fourth book of poetry, Navigating the Labyrinth. I've also got a YA novel in the works and several children's pieces, as well as the start of a second novel and a second collection of short fiction.


Above is a section of Newfoundland, showing you where Charlottetown is. The green surrounding it is Terra Nova National Park, the most easterly of Canada's national parks. I live on a hill overlooking Clode Sound and I can actually do whale watching from my living room couch!

Above is a map of Terra Nova National Park that shows the entry points to the walking trails.