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Menu & Available Rooms

Alert Me to Your Food Requirements When You Register

The concept at this retreat is that I cook all meals so can you concentrate on your writing. The food will be appetizing. You can't beat these prices for that deal.

You can also arrange for a long term, off-season stay with food provided. (see previous page)

All Meals Are Provided

Please alert me to the foods you are allergic to, as well as those you simply don't like. In addition, please indicate whether you want to eat standard Canadian meals, you are Vegetarian, or you require a Gluten Free menu. Guests have enjoyed all of my meals, and I do enjoy cooking. But please do tell me ALL foods you are allergic to or you simply prefer not to eat.


The reason I need to know all of this in advance is that this Retreat is located 40 minutes from the closest proper grocery store. That makes shopping for groceries 80 minutes of driving plus shopping time. In other words, I need to make a big shopping excursion before you arrive at the Retreat to pick up all of the necessary groceries.

I cook most meals from scratch, and I've been pleased to introduce people at the Retreat to some dishes they've never tasted before. What do you think of trying some Raspberry/Rhubarb Sauce over Vanilla Icecream, or eating Bacon & Cheese loaded Scrambled Eggs with a side of Spinach, Onion, & Mushrooms? Does Spicy Peanut Crusted Chicken or Vegetable and Green Curry Lentils with Coconut Milk interest you? How about some Haskap Berry Crumble for dessert, or Cranberry Chia Pudding for breakfast?


I am being told by some women the fact I cook meals for my clients is a gift to them; to which I replied "Yes, but you had to adjust to allowing me to do that and the clean-up!" (Some independent people have a reluctance to being served.) In any case, I know my Raspberry/Rhubarb Sauce will please you because everyone, so far, has felt it was a special treat. I picked up more treats on a road trip to Elliston, at a store where the owner cooks up batches of jams made with local berries. The jams I have are: Marsh berry, Cape Shore (marsh berry & partridge berry), John Cabot (blueberry & partridge berry), and Dungeon Blend (cran-, marsh-, blue- & partridge berry).


Imagine sitting on my back deck, which overlooks Clode Sound, & having a breakfast of coffee or tea, scrambled eggs, and one of those jams on toast! All of this is possible.

Or, you can treat yourself to a regular Newfoundland meal at the Clode Sound Motel Restaurant!

See The Rooms

These photos show you the available bedrooms and other rooms at the Retreat. Only the Double Bedroom is available for booking from May 15th to Sept 15th. During peak times it's $180 per day for a single guest ($1260 wk.) or $170 per day for shared ($1190 wk.) accommodation. There’s a minimum stay of 1 week. The Single Room remains unavailable at this time.

New beclothes_2.jpg

The Double Room (above) can be booked by a single person or it can easily be shared by two people. The Single Room is not available at this time as it needs further renovation.  All rooms require a minimum one week stay.

long desk.jpg
desk with cubbies.jpg

These are the desks in the double bedroom.

The Author Lounge & Washroom

couch side of lounge.jpg
kitchenette side of lounge.jpg
half bath.jpg

Kitchen & Dining Upstairs


Living Room

There is such a lovely view from this room that (in their season) you can watch whales breaching from the couch. The government wharf is just a three minute walk down the hill.

Some of Our Scenery


Due to the rise in gas prices,

I am charging a $150 fee for

pick-up and delivery back to

the Gander Airport. (a 1 hr. trip each way.) I won't pick you up from St. John's. If you came to Newfoundland via the St John's Airport it would be a minimum 3 hr. trip each way, which I would have to drive 4 times.

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